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J-Turn at WIS 54/Wood and Portage County U

In 2016, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation constructed a J-Turn at the intersection of WIS 54 with Wood and Portage County U (between Wisconsin Rapids and Plover). The J-Turn was built to address identified safety issues at this location.


Safety benefits of J-Turns include:

  • Reduces crash potential – particularly far side, right-angle crashes
  • Simplifies driving for the motorist – only required to look at one direction of traffic at a time
  • Provides additional space for longer vehicles in the median
  • Easily retrofitted – often without purchasing additional right-of-way
  • Low cost (compared to an interchange or overpass) while still providing at-grade access


Learn how to drive the WIS 54/Wood and Portage County U J-Turn here:



Read more about other J-Turns in Wisconsin:


South Wood County Area “Choose to Re-Use” Event

Saturdays May 20 & September 9, 2017 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Grand Rapids Town Garage (old transfer site)

2811 Two Mile Ave., Wis. Rapids, WI

Residents from all municipalities are welcome! Bring items that you want to discard but someone else can use (e.g. small appliances, lawn care items, household goods, bicycles, seasonal decorations, knick-knacks, office equipment, books, CDs/DVDs/VHS tapes/records, clothes, etc. Items need not be in working order….

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